Dr Pillay is one of the most thorough doctors I have been to.He explained everything in detail and listened very attentively.

I would recommend Dr.Pillay to every women that needs an excellent Gynaecologist and Obstetrician.

He is extremely professional and made me feel at ease with every visit.

Emmanuel Nikolas Batzlen

I am Emmanuel Nikolas Batzlen and was born on 12 May 2017 in the 38th week, weighting 3.25 kg at birth and being a healthy boy. I am grateful that my mum and my dad followed the recommendation by Dr. Venter from Vitalab to have me delivered through the magic hands of Dr. Neelan Pillay who is a great (not necessarily in terms of size) Gynaecologist and Obstetrician. Thanks to Dr. Pillay and his team including his unique and sometimes slightly grumbling secretary (hard shell but soft heart) Jeanne Snyders, or in a nutshell “the boss” my birth became a very smooth one though my arrival was expected with a number of complications and was considered as “high- risk birth”.

Apart from the actual birth, I am very happy how Dr. Pillay guided and advised my parents already in the last months prior to my birth in a very professional manner. Throughout this time he never let my parents feel that my arrival would face major challenges given his strong social competence and he continuously showed a lot of optimism and confidence throughout the last months of pregnancy. This made my parents very confident that that my mum was in safe hands and nothing could go wrong.3Dr. Pillay in collaboration with Madame Snyders (Aunt Jeanne) made a very good selection of the team facilitating my arrival and my parents could realize right from the beginning that this team was not working the first time together. I am particularly grateful for Dr. Pillay’s selection of the paediatrician, Dr. Jones where I can confidentially say that I am in very safe hands too. In a nutshell my parents and myself are grateful for Dr. Pillay’s kindness and professionalism and we confidently recommend him to all future parents.

I’m Lerato Masooane staying in Vanderbijlpark. I know Dr. Pillay since 2011 with my first pregnancy through a colleague Dr. Haartman. Then I had a miscarriage and Dr. Pillay was so sensitive and caring towards my loss. He even took it upon himself to briefly counsel me. I have never looked back since my first experience with him as my obstetrician. My first born was delivered by C/Section in January 2012. Even though I have Medical background he still went through the whole explanation of the procedure and put my fears to rest. He was outstanding throughout my whole antenatal care. I did not hesitate to go back to him in January 2014 and May 2015 with my third and fourth pregnancies whereby he delivered both babies via C/Section with most comfort. As medical professional myself I was more than happy and satisfied with his services and highly recommend him as an obstetrician and Gynaecologist. May the good Lord continue to bless and prosper him as a professional and all his life endeavours.
20170215_105439-bToday Emile is 6 months old. He is sitting, playing on the carpet and I am filled with gratitude and awe as I watch my beautiful, healthy baby boy. When we discovered that we were expecting our second child we thought we knew what to expect and were confident that he, like our first baby, would be born at a birthing clinic – a beautiful and uncomplicated natural birth. But very quickly we learnt that babies make their own plans and life deals us cards in unexpected ways.  What I do know is that God took care of us every step of the way and that things fell into place in wonderful ways.  Dr Pillay became an important figure as part of this journey. A little voice inside my mind gently whispered to me that I needed to investigate other options rather than assuming that our birth plan would run smoothly. Therefore, at 29 weeks our gynaecologist referred us to Dr Pillay at Sandton Medi-Clinic just as a backup in case we needed to have our baby at a hospital and not a birthing clinic. Dr Pillay did a thorough check-up even though we had done all the regular check-ups until that point. He discovered that Emile’s aorta was narrowed and helped us to get an appointment with a foetal developmental specialist who confirmed the narrowing. Although I was speechless with shock I knew we were in good hands. Dr Pillay took care of us throughout the remaining weeks of our pregnancy.  His thorough check-ups and gentle, caring nature was always reassuring. He respected that I preferred a natural delivery but at the same time emotionally prepared me for a C-section should it be necessary. Again, Emile had his own plans and decided that he would remain comfortably in a breech position. I knew exactly what to do when my waters broke at 37 weeks at 5am on a Saturday morning. Dr Pillay immediately responded to the message on his pager and met us at the hospital within minutes. The nursing staff gave me medication to reduce contractions while we waited for the theatre to be prepared and support doctors to arrive. We watched the sun rise over the city skyline and felt calm and excited rather than worried about an emergency C-section. In theatre I could see that Dr Pillay had a good relationship with the supporting doctors and that they respected him. He talked me through the entire process and made me feel at ease. Emile was placed on my chest as he was born and he even had his first bit of milk while my stitches were completed.  Emile unfortunately had to be admitted to neonatal ICU to monitor his heart and blood flow. Dr Pillay ensured that the best paediatrician and cardiologist took care of Emile. He also visited him in ICU and took special interest in his progress.  Emile came home after only six days in hospital and we are grateful that his heart functions perfectly. Dr Pillay also took good care of me after the C-section. I was surprised by the thoughtful gestures from both him and his staff. He gave us a newspaper from the day of Emile’s birth and his secretary called me to offer advice regarding my medical aid claim. We are grateful for Dr Pillay’s kindness and professionalism during our pregnancy and birth process; he was a superb guide and support to us, and we confidently recommend him to all parents-to-be.

BP Weilbach

Dr. Pillay is brilliant. I would recommend him to every women that needs an excellent Gynaecologist and Obstetrician. He is extremely professional and made me feel at ease with every visit. Thanks to his meticulous nature, he noticed a heart defect in my baby a few months into my pregnancy and also that the cord was wrapped twice around her neck. He monitored these concerns constantly and delivered my baby by a caesarean section on 5 February 2015. Not only is she healthy today, but mommy barely has a scar! Thank you Dr. Pillay.

God bless! I am truly grateful”

Lizette Swart

Die tyd het aangebreek in my lewe om aandag te gee aan vroulike probleme. Aangesien dit ‘n neteligr saak is om my rype ouderdom van 53 het ek my huiswerk gedoen en my huisdokter gevra om my te verwys na Dr Pillay. Wat ‘n ondervinding wat my altyd sal bybly. Hier stap ‘n Engel in my lewe in wat my met die grootste respek behandel, nie een oomblik voel ek “embarresed” nie want sien op my ouderdom is dit nie ‘n maklike storie nie. Dr verduidelik aan my alles breedvoerig, wys my probleme uit en ‘n Totale Abdominale Histerektomie word op besluit. Operasie dag, ek vrek bang want die seer van my keisersnit lank gelede nog heel onthoubaar. Word met die grootste liefde en respek ontvang in teater en word wakker met so te se geen pyn. Staan volgende oggend van bed af op en loop regop – geen pyn. Hierdie Dr Pillay van my is my “Guardian Angel” met die “mooiste bedside manners”, “grootste respek” en dan nog ‘n “‘n hart van goud”. Hanteer my na operasie so spesiaal (‘n kankergewas in my eierstok ontdek). Dr Pillay gaan saam met my deur verslag en vra meer opinies waarna ek so gerus gestel word sonder een slapelose nag. Waar kry jy ‘n dokter wat jou ses uur in die aand skakel en gerustheid gee. Ek weet nie wat ek sonder hom sou gedoen het nie. Nogsteeds besorg oor my en monitor my vir die volgendr jaar. Ek, Lizette Swart het almal wat leef en beef van Dr Pillay vertel en sal in my hele lewe hom net aanbeveel. Jy sal so ‘n Liewe, Dierbare Dr nie maklik kry nie. Al word ek 100 jaar oud sal hy die een wees wat na my sal omsien. DR PILLAY YOU ARE MY GUARDIAN ANGEL AND A SWEETHEART!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.

Innocentia Rantsolase-Kiungu and Leader Kiungu

My husband and I would like to thank Dr. Pillay for everything he did for us throughout my pregnancy. He was always professional and helpful with information. He was understanding and patient with us no matter how many questions we asked. Dr. Pillay helped calm the nerves throughout the pregnancy and was very thorough. On the day of my unexpected c-section, he was very calm and in control the whole time, this helped my husband and I to also be calm. Our baby has been a great gift to us and her presence has been even more wonderful because Dr. Pillay helped me enjoy each month of my pregnancy. We wish him all the best in the future an look forward to him being our doctor again with the next pregnancy.

Ruby vd Westhuizen

I had the privilege to be a patient of Dr N Pillay. I say privilege, because I was cared for by a doctor who really cares; who is empathetic; who has a holistic approach; who believes in God and believes in what he does. On top of all he is an excellent doctor. I can truly and honestly affirm my hysterectomy, which was done through a laparoscopy, was one amazing experience.  For many years I struggled with real awful abdominal pains.  Emotionally it had drained me and at a time I needed to be diagnosed,  Dr. Pillay’s professional, as well as caring approach was so reassuring.  It was amazing that during this operation, which is usually feared by most women, I did not experience a single drop of pain.  My recovery was speedy and physically I am a new person.  I can only give thanks to the Lord for directing me to a great doctor.

Danel van der Westhuizen

At my lowest point when I was alone and afraid lying in a hospital bed waiting for the doctors to make the final decision for a long struggle of couldn’t have any Babies, God drew me to Himself. From growing up in a Christian home, I knew what to do. I knew that He could help me if I just let Him. I acknowledged that He sent Jesus to die on the cross so that I can have eternal life. I asked God for His healing and believed with heart and soul that there would be healing. As I went in for my final procedure the doctor came out stoned for what he saw… ovaries so beautiful and clean on the right places and no more sits or cancer. The Saturday after my procedure I felt sick to my stomach and find out that I was all ready 6 weeks and 7 days pregnant and contact Dr Pillay to make my first appointment. So this is where our Journey starts. What a wonderful doctor I found that I could trust with my whole life and my little one’s life. Going through my pregnancy I was struggling with severe morning sickness and couldn’t pick up weight as I was supposed to. Dr Pillay has found that my little boy wasn’t growing according to the scales and was smaller than other babies on 30 weeks. He explained to me that this is normal for the reason my husband and I have a small build, so this could be a genetic thing, but he is still concerned of the weight and the growth of my baby Boy. So the Sunday after my appointment with Dr Pillay we visited one of my husband friends and I found one minute later that I was sitting with severe pain. So on our way home I thought of what doctor said about counting the contractions as I looked at my watch I saw that I was busy having contractions 10 minutes apart and my husband rushed me to the ER. When Dr got there about 30 min later He found that I was in Pre-Labour and baby was only weighing 800g. Dr said that Simeon was still too small to be delivered and that he would do anything possible to keep Simeon in up to 35 weeks just so that he could pick up weight. And so Dr Pillay did I was in hospital for 2 weeks to be monitored and with CTG scans constant sonar’s and counting babies kicking and movement. After begging doctor to send me home and swear that I would rest doctor send me home on the proposal that I need to go for daily CTG scans at Emfuleni mediclinic vanderbjilpark and weekly appointments at his offices. On Wednesday 27 August 2015 I felt myself in Dr Pillays room with severe pain and I didn’t felt Simeon kicking as he was suppose to. Dr Saw that Simons life was in danger and phoned a fertility specialist and decided to deliver Simeon the 28th of August 2015. When Baby was born as a premature baby on 35 weeks and 6 days he weighed 1.5kg. He ended up in Neonatal ward for 6 and a half weeks for just being a small little baby. Out of my heart I just would like to thank Dr Pillay and Estie at his office for constant phone calls and prayers and just for being there with all the love and kindness. I’ve never in my life met a doctor with such a passion and so much care and love and kindness and just being such a great person showing the love of God were he goes. Doctor out of my heart I just would like to thank you for always being there in the time of need and the early mornings and constant visits in hospital I appreciate your morals as a human being and all you love and kindness. My God bless you in abundances and thank you for being such a great doctor and inspiration to others. My your light shine were ever you go…. and we will always cherish the special moments and what you have done for my family.


It was in 2009 when my husband and I found out we were pregnant and excited abt the news, but that ddnt last longer when i started to bleed and refered to Dr Pillay’s Practice, only to find out that we have miscarried, he offered us emotional counseling and encouraged us to try again when we ready, in 2014 we conceived again through treatment he offered us bt we lost another pregnancy, but our sadness ddnt last longer when one afternoon we found a positive home pregnancy test, and we were scared of our previous experiences, immediatly i knew it was time to visit Dr’s room immediatly, His friendly staff(Estie) ensured that i was scheduled for an appointment ASAP, when the Dr confirmed our pregnancy He told me that evrythng will bé fine and immediatly started to put me on treatment, it wsnt an easy journey but he ensured that i get monitored and all other complications were attended to. On the 13 December 2015 our baby boy(Reonetswe) was delivered healthy by Dr Pillay and His team. We would like to thank God through Dr Pillay to have our Blessing,he is now 5weeks.