Dr.Pillay is one of the most thorough doctors
I have been to.He explained everything in
detail and listened very attentively.

He is extremely professional
and made me feel at ease
with every visit.

I would recommend Dr.Pillay to every
women that needs an excellent
Gynaecologist and Obstetrician.



Dr Neelan offers comprehensive preconception care as well as routine and high-risk prenatal care for women throughout pregnancy. We understand that pregnancy is often a time full of questions and concerns, whether this is your first or fifth baby.

Dr. Neelan is devoted to providing his patients and their growing families with personal service and high quality care. He supports his patients’ desire for a natural childbirth experience and their preference to labour with or without pain medication. The Sandton Mediclinic offers childbirth classes throughout the year to educate women and couples on delivery and birth, pain management, relaxation/breathing as well as breastfeeding and newborn care.



Your health and wellness at every stage of life is our priority. We offer well-woman exams, breast exams, papsmears, annual physicals and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Other services include contraceptive advice.

Common women’s issues that we treat including premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, painful periods, long standing pelvic pain, long and irregular cycles, irregular bleeding and sexual dysfunction,

Dr Neelan’s approach to medical care is based on treating the underlying cause of disease by tailoring a treatment plan for each woman based on her individual needs.



Millions of women suffer from infertility without ever having a diagnosis and without being properly treated. Hundreds of thousands of miscarriages occur each year because of inadequate evaluation and treatment.

In our practice, we focus on finding the underlying causes of infertility that allow for a rational, dignified and effective approach to treatment. We use only research-based methods of therapy to treat infertility.